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Autism and Learning DisabilitiesAutism

We are there to:

Ensure that we promote independence and the right standard of care possible for each child that we support. We ensure that our staff are fully trained in

Managing, nurturing and instilling positive behaviours. We understand how.

Parents are so particular about their children. So, we only send a very minimum team of staff to build a stronger relationship between the parent and the child to promote peace of mind.

  • Assist the family in establishing and supporting with daily routines.
  • Keep family and friends regularly informed about the child’s progress.    
  • Provide attentive day-to-day care. 
  • Support with feeding regimes.    
  • Support with the child’s school regime, including after school and holiday care.     
  • Support with socialising through sport, cultural and other leisure activities of the child wish.

We have a wide range of staff that are trained to meet all care needs. We specialise in Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Epilepsy, ADHD, ADD and Neurological conditions.